Photos:  The Love Studio
Amy Carrillo


For years, Amy worked a 9-5 desk job as a graphic designer for a large corporation, as well as doing freelance work on the side.  While the opportunity afforded her great work experience and a sense of financial security, she was left feeling overworked and uninspired.  Long work days led her to seek refuge in the one place she felt inspired and alive - at home in a modest two-bedroom condo she owned with her future husband.  Seeking to reawaken her passion for design, she started a personal blog documenting her journey to creating a space that was not only beautiful, but an authentic and honest reflection of her personal style and her love of all things design.

Her blog and studio, Love On Sunday was inspired by her favourite day as a child - the day she spent soaking in inspiration and appreciating art in all its forms, doing everything from visiting museums to scouring flea markets.  At home, her father was very resourceful, with a natural inclination to work with his hands, fixing anything broken in their home and working within his means.  All of this would later shape her personal style -  working with what you have and surrounding yourself with what you love to create a space that is truly your own.  For both graphic design and interior styling, this translates to a clean, somewhat minimal aesthetic, incorporating a mix of old and new, that is reflective of who her clients are.

The evolution of Love on Sunday began as a passion project has now flourished into a multi-disciplinary design studio focused on providing creative services from graphic design to interior styling.  Some of her work has since been featured in House Beautiful, Style Me Pretty Living and The Marilyn Denis Show, to name a few.  And in pursuit of her passion, she keeps herself grounded by working to help socially-responsible and/or local businesses that seek to build meaningful relationships in their communities, such as cuddle+kind.



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You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world."  - Oprah Winfrey