Home Inspiration: Jessica de Ruiter

The most commonly used word in my home is "cozy". I probably say it everyday because well, that's how I want to feel ALL THE TIME. The way I dress reflects this, as well as my approach to decorating. If you haven't yet feasted your eyes on the home of stylist Jessica de Ruiter then you're in for a treat. Her home is 100% cozy but still maintains a clean and artful vibe - check it out below.


I just love the simplicity of every room. Some major inspiration for decorating our own home. Check out more photos of Jessica's beautiful home here.

photos via One King's Lane.


It's week 2 of the One Room Challenge! In case you missed my first post, I'm giving my master bedroom a much-needed makeover. Every Thursday, hundreds of bloggers and designers along with myself, will be posting about the progress on their space. If you feel inclined to go back a week, you can find more of the deets on Week 1 here

Update time. So, after scouring the internets, this is probably the closet thing to what I want my bedroom to FEEL like:


Soft, laid back, peaceful.....ahhhhhhhhhh I can just picture myself curling up with a good book on that cozy bed. Unfortunately, I don't live in Sweden so I'm not blessed with white-washed floors and a killer view BUT I do have IKEA 30 minutes away so I can make an Amy version of this happen. 

I threw together a little concept board below. I love the soft colours but I'd love to bring in some colour and texture in the accessories. I've had my eye on some vintage mudcloth throws but of course they are $$$ so I'm looking at some options. Also, why is it so hard to find a rustic stool??? I've had no luck on Kijiji or Craigslist. Am I crazy to hope that it will magically appear on someone's curb on garbage day?


I've added an asterisk to pieces I already have. The rug is actually in my office and I've realized I don't really need a rug in there since I shoot most of my things on the floor so I might be moving that into the bedroom. However, if I decide to buy one I've narrowed it down to 2 other choices:


I don't know if I want a warm or cool tone to the rug so I would love to know your thoughts!

And that's it for the Week 2 update.  Make sure you check out the other talented folks over on Calling it Home . Big shoutout to Linda for creating this challenge! Make sure to check back here next Thursday to see what progress I've made :)

Source: top image via Alvhem.

Bright Spots

As I begin my bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge, I couldn't help but go back to a time when everything was done. Today I've rounded up some of my favourite spots in our old condo.


My favourite spot was definitely on the sectional. The floor to ceiling windows always left the room bright and sunny and it made me feel like I was up in the clouds! Do you have a bright spot in your home? What is your favourite area to get inspired?

To see more of the old humble abode, you can check out our Home Tour here

All That White

Whenever I search for photos of my dream home, there is always one common denominator: white.  I’ve always been drawn to spaces that are light and bright so it's no surprise this space stole my heart. Midcentury modern pieces along with subtle textile patterns perfectly complement the intricate architectural details in this beautiful apartment. I mean, if I had THAT fireplace...I would never leave.  Scroll down for more of this gorgeous space shot by photographer Jonas Berg.


Small Business Saturday - My Toronto Faves

Happy Saturday folks!  Can you believe it's less than a month until Christmas?  I have yet to start my Christmas shopping (typical, I'm always last minute) but this season I'm doing things a little differently.  My goal is to shop local for all my gifts.  This will be a challenge for the little ones on my list so if you know any Canadian made toy stores, do share!


In honour of Small Business Saturday, I'm sharing with you some of my favourite local spots for shopping in Toronto! I don't know about you, but a handmade or locally made gift for Christmas means so much more to me than something bought at a big-box store.  The care and craftsmanship that goes into every detail of these products is amazing.  

You'll notice the ceramic bowls below.  These are made by Inspirations Studio, a Social Enterprise that I had the pleasure of visiting earlier this year.  Inspirations Studio is a project of Sisteringa woman’s organization that offers practical and emotional support to women affected by homelessness, trauma and mental health issues.  They are having a Studio Sale from December 5-7, I suggest you check it out!

I hope you'll take the time to visit some of my (or your) local favourites this season.  Sources are below, happy shopping!



1. Sweater by Muttonhead

2. Bowls by Inspirations Studio

3. Pillow by Bookhou

4. Blanket by Cambie 

5. Candlesticks from Green Light District

BRIKA Pop-up Shop at Yorkdale Shopping Centre!

If you still have a few people to cross off your Christmas list, I suggest you visit the new Brika pop-up shop at Yorkdale Mall.  I mean, YOU MUST GO.  Believe me when I tell you it's worth the visit.  I'm talking sensory overload.  Every where you look, you'll be inspired by beautiful decor, handcrafted items and delicious treats that are almost too pretty to eat.


I was so excited to be invited to this event because this year, I'm making a conscious effort to buy local and/or handmade and it was great to see a lot of local talent being represented at the store.  


Cookies from Moo Milk Bar?  Yes please.  And we even received a sweet little wreath demo from DIY expert, Natalie Ho of My Little Secrets


I'm a sucker for pretty paper goods and this spot did not disappoint.   I also gravitated towards some handprinted napkins from Pehr and coasters from Xenia Taler.


I honestly wish I had taken more photos but I was too busy being 'present'.  And you honestly can't help it when there's so many beautiful things to see and feel.  If you're in the Yorkdale area, make sure you pay a visit. You won't regret it!

One Room Challenge – The Reveal!

Today is the day - the reveal day that over 150+ bloggers have been working towards.  To be honest, it was a race against time trying to get my shots done right before the sunset but I did it and I'm so thrilled with my finished studio space!

No matter how small a room, it takes time and patience.  For a new entrepreneur like myself, I've learned that time is limited and I have to make every hour count.  This challenge has helped me become more decisive, organized and it also increased my alcohol tolerance.  Because let’s face it, you need wine.  Or in my case, cider.  Sweet, sweet cider.


If you’re new here, welcome to Love On Sunday!  I am an interior stylist and graphic designer living in the Greater Toronto Area. I recently took the plunge and quit my full-time job to follow my dreams. I help businesses re-brand, re-design and more.  I also work with families and couples who require assistance with styling their home. 

So back to the space – I wanted a place that was calming, inspiring and slightly minimal.  Do you remember the before’s?


Not calming at all.  I hated working in there. I loved the desk but it wasn't right for the space.  

Also, a little update on the chair situation.  Remember the cane back antique chair I was refinishing? (above)  Yeah, didn’t happen.  It turns out, you should always watch a youtube video BEFORE trying to strip the back of a cane chair.  What a disaster.  It’s blotchy and needs a lot more finessing.  So, it’s still in my garage but it will be done very soon.  Super bummed about that but lesson learned.  On a happier note, I scored a lounge chair on Kijiji for $20!  Not even hating on the cushions but I’m thinking it might need to be replaced in the near future.  What do you think?


I wanted to keep the majority of the walls blank because this is where I'll be shooting things for my blog and portfolio.  It was important for me to have a blank canvas that would easily turn into a backdrop for a shoot. The wall-to-wall desk space provides ample space for working and styling.  I've reserved the area on the far right corner for shooting smaller pieces. 


The hanging planter was a last minute addition.  I've been eyeing that plant for awhile now.  Instead of hanging it from the ceiling, I decided to use an extra IKEA shelf bracket.  The wall above my computer usually changes based on what I'm working on so it's rare that it will stay this clean and minimal.  You'll notice in the first photo above, I've already started placing some inspiration pieces.


Thanks to all the folks who’ve been following my progress here and on Instagram.  Your positive and encouraging comments definitely helped me push through.  My studio makeover had a slow start but I hustled and managed to sprint to the finish line.  A big thanks to Linda from Calling it Home for creating this challenge and also much love to my parents and hubs for helping me with this space.  

Now, if you want to be thoroughly inspired to makeover a room, you can check out the other 150+ bloggers here and the 20 designers here.

I hope you'll check back soon as I'll be updating my home for the holidays and posting some free printables too!

xo, Amy

One Room Challenge – Week 5

It's crunch time, people.  Week 5 of the One Room Challenge has left me with feelings of anxiety and excitement.  Progress has been slow but steady and I honestly cannot wait to see my studio space dreams come to fruition!  It's been a blast following the designers, as well as other guest participants (like myself!) who've decided to join in on this 6-week transformation!


Even though I've made some excellent progress, I might have bit off more than I can chew.  I'm pretty consistent that way, I always seem to think things are easier then they are (just ask the hubs).  Long story short, I made a last minute decision to change the upholstery on my antique chair on top of stripping the paint.  Yikes.  What was I thinking???


But honestly, the fabric wasn't in great condition.  The photo above hides the rips and tears pretty well, but it was in rough shape. The natural wood looks so much better than the yellowish paint it originally had.  And I'm actually loving the wabi-sabi look it has now, it looks a little more aged and weathered.  With only a week left and a busy weekend of social commitments, I'm nervous this baby will not be complete by the reveal.  Plus, I think my lungs need a break from the potentially toxic fumes that were released while stripping paint.  Did I mention I'm also a hypochondriac? ;)


Moving on…we have a light pendant, a rug, a side table and a desk lamp.  What's left to do?  Finish the chair situation and find a plant or PLANTS.  Plants make me happy, especially when I can keep them alive.

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Don't forget to visit Calling it Home to see the other projects and check back next week for the FULL REVEAL of my space!